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There's no doubt that installing window film is one of the best ways to improve the look of your vehicle. As you drive, you'll find your vehicle is cooler and more comfortable. It's also safer and the interior is less likely to to fade.

Keeping You Cool

Window tinting significantly reduces heat and solar energy. Depending on your selection, the sun's total energy can be reduced up to 63 percent. You'll notice the difference on long drives as your window tinting will help reduce those "hot spots" that even your air conditioning system can't overcome. And, by keeping the interior cooler, your air conditioner won't have to work as hard. You'll save fuel and help extend the life of the air conditioning system.

Keeping Your Vehicle Young

Automobiles are an expensive investment, so many people are keeping their vehicles longer. A well-maintained vehicle will retain it's value better at trade-in time. Window tinting can help. The combination of solar heat and ultraviolet can cause interior trim, upholstery and carpeting to fade. Because window tinting rejects a significant amount of solar energy and almost 100 percent of ultraviolet, you can slow down your vehicle's aging process. Plastic trim parts are less likely to crack and fabrics aren't as quick to fade...keeping your vehicle looking new, longer.

Reducing Driver Fatigue

The harsh glare from the sun or bright headlights cause squinting and fatigue. Window tinting significantly reduces glare and helps take the strain out of driving. You will appreciate the added comfort it provides.


Increased Safety

People don't usually associate window film with increased safety. But, today's vehicles use tempered glass in the side and rear windows. An accident or a blow from a heavy object can cause these windows to shatter into hundreds of tiny sharp pieces of glass. Though not sold as safety films, they can help hold broken glass together. In addition, window tinting can provide extra privacy for increased safety.

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Today’s automotive surfaces are more complex and more susceptible to damage than ever before. Paint is more prone to chipping, due to the more advanced aerodynamics and designs and the modern car is now much larger than its predecessor – whilst parking spaces are smaller.

Environmental elements, road surface deterioration and debris means your vehicle is under constant attack – PremiumShield Surface Protection Film helps keep your vehicle in that showroom condition by providing a virtually invisible barrier minimizing stone chips, protecting from minor abrasions, bug stains and ultimately protecting your investment whilst helping to maintain the resale value of your vehicle.

For more information on PremiumShield, visit www.premiumshield.com.

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